I have no idea how many of blogs I have written before. I have abandoned one by one due to different reasons: changed the hosting, changed the domain or just too lazy to maintained until last one shutdown in Hostgator because it was too expensive to renew the hosting. I am tired to move my web, just few page from one hosting to another one and rebuild the blog app and restore whole posts. Totally lost last one.

Now I found a free cloud hosting with Openshift, operated by RedHat, actually running on Amazon AWS. It’s free for small app does not have much space and bandwidth. Here I am again.

I have not picture yet what to put on here, may be some related to my work. And some of my travel stories. I always want to write my travel guideline. I had more pictures took from trip but never organized and post them yet. I would put on my list to do so.

Hope it is a good start.